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White Eagle Properties  can act on your behalf or assist you in resolving a conflict with professional mediation services.  Many construction issues  or neighbour disputes can be  resolved quickly with mediation thus allowing you to get on with your project in a timely manner, in addition to saving you a lot of money and time.


  • Mediation can save you  a lot of money in reduced legal fees and  lengthy court cases.
  • Mediation is much less stressful then going to court.
  • It can save you a lot of time.  A conflict often be resolved in a week to a month as opposed to 1- 2 years in court, and waiting for a court date.
  • Convenience:  Can be held in a convenient location with flexible days and hours.
  • High Success Rates:  Parties are much more likely to follow through with a mediated agreement because they have drawn it up themselves.
  • Empowering to Both Parties:   Both sides craft and control the outcome.
  • Safe:  Mediation provides a safe and ethical professional environment, where abuse is not allowed.
  • Confidentiality:  Mediations sessions are confidential, except in rare cases where there may be a lot of crime involved.
  • Healing:  Mediation sessions can heal the underlying emotional damage that otherwise would have remained in a relationship, and/or become much worse having gone to  court.  It  can often repair the hurt and save relationships, thus allowing both parties to move forward with their projects in harmony and feeling good about how they handled the situation.
  • Effective Communication: The experience of mediation can teach you a lot about communication and the process of handling conflict in future situations.
  • Voluntary:  No one is forced into it.  All parties must be willingly agree to particapate.
  • Non – Jugemental:  Mediation is a humanitarian approach where no one is judged or devalued. Mediators are neutral and do not take sides, nor tell parties what to do.
  • Postive Outcomes.  Most  parties can move forward with projects, and jobs, etc.   They have Improved communications, having had their story heard, being understood and validated.  Often future relationships are rethought and repaired.
  • Postive Research:  Research indicates that the mediation process is becoming  more popular worldwide  as an effective means to handling conflict. The results are highly satisfactory.


Billing is done on an hourly rate . The total cost is completely  varied depending on how long the process takes and the number of meetings it takes to reach a settlement.  There can be  also additional costs for the renting of a boardroom.

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