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LAND TITLE SEARCH  $ 69.00 – Basic

White Eagle Properties is fully equipped to research  a property of interest to you.  A Title Search on the property is the first thing you should do when you are considering developing or buying a

property.  A Land Title Search provides you with accurate information and can also convey any hidden truths or fraud about a property. The results will provide you  the current deed and any liens
or mortgages registered on title .

Why should you do a Title Search?
To confirm the ownership and/or boundaries of a property
To check for illegal or unauthorized mortgages/liens
To monitor other transactions that may occur without your knowledge
To do due diligence before buying or lending money on a property
What information can you get with a Title Search?
 Name of the current property owner
Copies of the deed, mortgages and liens registered on title
History of previous owners, discharged mortgages/liens etc
Any documents registered on title since date of electronic conversion
White Eagle Properties has a strong network of certified professionals  who can provide with you a formal Property Appraisal.
 While not absolutely required, it is highly recommended before the purchase of a property.

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